How to sort query using mid function?

I have an assignment where I have to sort the query that shows by the second letter of the postal code using the Mid function (according to the assignment Q&A). How would I do that? ​ submitted by /u/shahjoo [link] [comments]

Storing a database online

I’m trying to help some old work colleagues with their database, I really don’t understand much so please bear with me. The database is, it was made by somehow who is no longer with the company, I did my best to keep it running when I worked there, it’s still using MSAccess 2003. We had … Read moreStoring a database online

Ranking in PowerBI

Good Morning Everyone. I have a simple access question that I have been struggling with for years. I have a table of data that has roughly 300,000 customer ids and sales in it. I want to rank that table from 1 to 300,000 in descending order. I can’t find a good way to do this … Read moreRanking in PowerBI