Barcode-128 Printer not distinguishing letter-casing

Hello, I have built a barcode printer on Access, but it does not work as intended. For example if I try to print “HelloWorld” , it will produce a barcode, however when the barcode is scanned I will get “HELLOWORLD” or “helloworld” depending on the caps lock.

It is not an issue with the scanner, because the scanner does scan other barcodes correctly with letter casing intact.

I think it is an issue with the VBA code, the code contains all characters, but I believe it is treating ‘A’ as ‘a’ and is doing so for the whole alphabet. Might need to incorporate the ASCII character code instead, but I have failed with everything I have tried today.

I can send the database to anyone who wants to take a shot at it. If you do not have a scanner handy there are online websites that will decode a pdf barcode.

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