Company Updated to Windows 10, now receiving "Unrecognized database format" error messages

So our company just updated most of the workstations to Windows 10 (previously running Windows 8) and my database isn’t working like it was last week. Namely, some module I had set up to automatically import data from excel files is now giving me error messages saying “Unrecognized database format”.

The database in question is a frontend database that is used to append, display, and export formatted reports from a backend database saved in the same folder on our server.

Below are a couple things I’ve found out so far:

  1. The same error occurs if I try to manually import the excel file into my frontend database
  2. If the frontend database is opened on a computer still running Windows 8, there is an error with the module that links and refreshes the data tables saved in the backend database
  3. Everything seems to work fine if I moved the files to my local hard drive.

I’ve found some information on the issue on blogs and forums, but I can’t find the update files that are referred to in either. Both databases are .accdb files, and no field names are longer than 32 characters.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information. Thanks for reading

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