How to show every staff member’s average score for every month?

So I have nearly finished a tool that my company will use to carry out telephone call audits for staff.

I have a table that stores all agent data – name, team, start date, end date – and another table that contains audits, and these two tables are linked by agent name, one to many as there is one agent but many audits for that agent.

I want to make a form or report that shows every agent and their average audit scores for every month plus a year-to-date. I’ve already got this to work for one agent at a time using list boxes and vba code, but this only shows one agent selected by a drop-down box. I want this to show every agent as a line, like a report or a continuous form. I’m using list boxes in both the report and in a continuous form but they all show the same data as each other – where am I going wrong? Any suggestions would be so helpful. (Please don’t say sub forms as I don’t get on with them, I can’t understand them even after watching several videos I just don’t get them)

Also whilst I have you – is there any way to disable printing in a form? I have set everything to show Screen Only but this doesn’t work when exporting it to PDF which I still need to be able to do.

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