Need help with a project idea? What should I do a project for access on? What would it’s purpose be?

HELP!!! Below is the rubric or what is expected to be in the project. I guess I’m supposed to figure out what information I’m going to use and the purpose of my database. I have no idea what to do or where to get the information. Does anyone have any ideas please! Not asking to have it done for me but someone please drop me some ideas!

I.TABLES – 15 points (Each table must contain data) Create at least three tables for your database Include at least five to seven fields on each table. The tables with primary and foreign keysshould be identified in the description fields in design view. Captions should also be included in design view. FIELD TYPES should include: DATE, YES/NO, Short Text, etc. Set a validation rule for a field in one or more of the tables or include a Look-up field in one or more of the tables (identify the tables in the Word document in the embedded field). See section V.II. FORMS – 10 points Create a form for one or more of the tables.Create a form that includes a subform.Provide a picture and title on one of the forms.Create one custom form design with a combo box to view and make a selection from one of your tables– name the form frmCustom. III.QUERIES – 40 pointsCreate queries built from the tables created in Section I that includes the criteria below. A.One query THAT INCLUDES ONLY 3 FIELDS from your tables. Name the query: qryThree.B.One query using more than one table. Name the query: qryTables.C.Perform a sort on one of the queries on field of your choice Name the query qrySort.D.Create a query using a Selection Criteria on a table and field of your choice name the query: qrySelect.E.Change the Alternate Row Color in one of the queries. Name the query: qryAltF.Create a query that calculates the LowestCost, HighestCost, and AverageCost – Set the caption property to include a space. Run the query and resize all columns in datasheet to best fit. Save and name the qryLHA.G.Create a new Calculated Field that works using Expression Builder. Name the query – qryCalc.H.Create a Parameter Query – Create the query so that data appears even though there are novalues in the requested input field. Name the query qryParm.I.Create one Action Query of your choice. qryAct. IV.REPORTS – 15 pointsREPORTS FROM TABLES INCLUDE TOTALS on a field of your choice in one of the reports – Name report: rptTotalInclude A PICTURE and TITLE of your choice in one of the reports – Name report: rptPictureApply Conditional Formatting to a field of your choice in one of the reports – Name report: rptCondFCreate one Custom Report of your choice save as rptCustomV. EMBEDDINGA FILE – 5 points(Word document) Describing the purpose of your database and a brief description of the design (location of look-up and validation rule fields, location of macros, what events macros are performing) and whatever additional documentation you want to include. Place this document in a field created in the first table with data type as Attachment.VI. MACROS – 5 pointsInclude macro/macros with an attached command button of your choice on one of the objects. Notify instructor in Word document in attachment field where macro is located. See section V.VII. DATABASE Tools– 10 pointsDEFINE A DATABASE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR TABLES (at least 2) – 5 points See pages AC A6 –A11Enforce the Referential Integrity and Cascades Updates option for this relationship – 2 pointsCreate and save a Database Relationship report – 1 pointBackup, compact and repair the database. The backup should be created using the Access database back-up feature–– Include the backup database in your submission folder. 2 points***Create a folder with your last name. Add your databases and then zip and compress the folder. Submit to the Assignment Dropbox. EX.

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