Switching tabs on subform causes window to scroll

Alright. I have 3 tabs on a subform. Each tab has contact info for manager, director, and a mailing list check box. The subform is sitting in the Detail section of my Contact Information form. Above the subform, is company info.

When the following two criteria happen I get the glitch below:

  1. Database window is in “Restore Down” view (that is, when you push the top right square on the Access window)
  2. I click on a tab of the subform

The Access window scrolls so that the top of the subform is the first thing visible. I have to scroll up to see my company info.

I played with the Anchoring properties a bit, but those didn’t help. Currently that setting is Bottom Left. When I restore down, the company info is still visible, it scrolls only when I switch tabs in the subform.

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